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Our Current Project Outside India


Design, Engineering and Consultancy Services for Afghanistan Electrical Interconnect - Kabul Military Training Center of US Army Corps of Engineers (On behalf of Gharany Excellence Construction, Kabul)


1.0       Scope of Work

1.1           The scope of work shall include the following design & engineering services for Electrical, Civil and Structural works of Medium Voltage (15/20kV) power distribution system from Pole-Charki 110/20kV Substation to Kabul Military Training Center (KMTC) of Afghan National Security Force (ANSF) Base by 20kV Double circuit overhead line (appx. 5.2km long) :


a.     Preparation of technical specifications of equipment and works.

b.     Basic engineering drawings and calculations.

c.     Load flow study, short circuit study and equipment rating selection.

d.     Bid evaluation, clarifications and recommendation reports for procurement of equipment /materials.

e.     Review of vendor drawings and approval.

f.      Detail engineering comprising of preparation of electrical, civil and structural drawings, design calculations and bill of materials.

g.     Inspection of FAT of equipment/material at manufacturer’s works.  

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