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Our Current Project Outside India


Detail Engineering for Sizing and Layout of Generator Isolated Phase Bus duct and 132kV Transformer yard for Khour Al-Zubair Power Plant in Iraq


Scope of Services


1.1           The scope of work shall include the following works for the shifting of 2 nos. 95MVA Generator step up transformers :

a.      Isolated Phase Bus Duct (IPBD) sizing calculation including Temperature rise calculation, Forces on Busbar Insulator, Location & Span of busbar, Forces on Bus duct support.

b.     Structural drawing of 132kV Gantry for 2 Nos. of 95MVA transformers located side by side.

c.      Design calculations for Sag & Tension and Short circuit force acting on the 132kV Gantry.

d.     Structural design calculations of the following :

i.      132kV Gantry tower and Beam.

ii.     10.5kV IPBD structural supports.

e.      Electrical Layout plan & elevation of the IPBD and Transformer yard.

f. Structural GA drawing of IPBD supports (different types, lattice).  

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