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Our Current Project within India


Detail engineering (electrical, civil, structural) for 2 x 220kV Line bay extension at existing 220/132kV Darbhanga substation of BSPTCL, Bihar (On behalf of ABN Tower & Transmission Pvt. Ltd.)

Sl. No.  Scope of work (Preparation of following Drawings)
1 Key SLD of 220kV Line bay extension
2 Protection & Metering SLD of 220kV Line bay extension 
3 SLD of 415V ACDB (extension)
4 SLD of 220V DCDB (extension)
5 SLD of 48V DCDB (extension)
6 SLD of 415V Normal LDB (extension)
7 SLD of 415V Emergency LDB (extension)
8 SLD of 415V BMK for 220kV bay
9 220kV Switchyard and control room layout plan & elevation 
10 220kV Switchyard EKD plan & elevation
11 Layout plan & elevation of 220kV terminal tower and method of connection to 220kV substation gantry
12 Earthing layout plan and calculation of 220kV switchyard
13 DSLP layout plan and calculation of 220kV switchyard
14 Structural GA drawings with design calculations for :
14.1 Overall structural layout plan and elevation of 220kV switchyard
14.2 220kV Bus gantry tower
14.3 220kV Bus gantry beam
14.4 220kV Line gantry tower 
14.5 220kV Line gantry beam
14.6 220kV Shielding tower
14.7 220kV Isolator with ES
14.8 220kV Tandem Isolator
14.9 220kV CT
14.10 216kV LA
14.11 220kV Post Insulator
14.12 220kV CVT
14.13 220kV Wave Trap
14.14 Structural design calculations
15 Foundation GA drawings with design calculations for :
15.1 Overall foundation layout of 220kV switchyard
15.2 220kV Bus gantry tower
15.3 220kV Line gantry tower 
15.4 220kV Shielding tower
15.5 220kV Isolator with ES
15.6 220kV Tandem Isolator
15.7 220kV CB
15.8 220kV CT
15.9 216kV LA
15.10 220kV Post Insulator
15.11 220kV CVT
15.12 220kV Wave Trap
15.13 BMK foundation
15.14 Design calculation for foundations
16 Power & control cable schedule and interconnection diagram
17 Site visit 
18 Contour survey of the newly acquired area of the substation and terminal tower area


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