ISO 9001-2015 Certified

(Design, Engineering and Consultancy Services for
EHV Substations, EBOP of Thermal Power Plants & Large Electrical Systems of Steel plants, Coal & Iron Handling Plants & Misc. Industries


Services Provided


Instrumentation and Controls, Building Automation, SCADA Solutions (In collaboration with M/s ABI Smartek, Canada)


Instrumentation & Control


§  Instrument Index, I/O List, Winterization List, Equipment List;

§  Cause & Effect diagrams, Logic diagrams, Control System Flow Chart, Ladder Logic diagrams;

§  Design and development of JBs and Control/Network Architecture drawings;

§  Development of Instrument layouts, Terminations, and Loop drawings;

§  Development of Instrument Hook-up drawings and Material Take-Off;

§  Engineering and Design of DCS, Safety Instrumented System(SIS) and PLC Systems;

§  Plant-wide Fiber Optic Network Design;

§  Plant site study for upgrading/modernization of existing instrumentation/control;

§  Select and develop instrumentation measurement and control scheme for P&ID;

§  General Instrument Design Specifications, Control Philosophy, and Safety Shutdown Philosophy;

§  Instruments, Control Valves, Safety Valves sizing, and selection;

§  Instrument Purchase Requisition, Bid Evaluation, Purchase Specifications and I&C Data sheets.

§  Fire & Gas Detection System design.


Building Automation System


§  HVAC Controls;

§  Elevator Controls;

§  Access Controls & voice entry systems;

§  Monitored CCTV;

§  Lighting Controls;

§  Systems integration;

§  Pneumatic Controls;

§  Preventative Maintenance & Programming services/Upgrades;

§  Fire & Gas detection & Fire Alarm Panel;

§  Energy management and Building analytics

§  Parking System;

§  Perimeter Protection and Intrusion Protection Systems & Devices;

§  Data acquisition and Integrated Building Management System;


Automation and SCADA Solutions


§  Hardware independent SCADA/HMI software technology, a platform for industrial supervision and control applications;

§  Energy Management System (EMS);

§  Material Tracking System (MTS);

§  Manufacturing Execution System (MES);

§  Integrated Building Management;

§  Wireless and Fiber Optic Network integration;

§  Substation Automation System (SAS);

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