ISO 9001-2015 Certified

(Design, Engineering and Consultancy Services for
EHV Substations, EBOP of Thermal Power Plants & Large Electrical Systems of Steel plants, Coal & Iron Handling Plants & Misc. Industries


Services Provided


Design Calculations

Following design calculations can be submitted for various projects :


1. Load flow study, fault level calculations, transformer sizing, breaker sizing, motor starting study.

2. Earthing calculation.

3. Direct stroke lightning protection (DSLP) calculation.

4. CT, CVT & PT sizing calculation.

5. Voltage drop calculation for power cables.

6. Short circuit force calculation for strung bus in switchyards.

7. Sag & tension calculation for strung bus in switchyards, Stringing chart. 

8. Short circuit force calculation for rigid tubular bus in switchyards, Cantilever strength calculation for BPI.

9. Relay setting calculation and setting charts.

10. Indoor and outdoor lighting calculation, lighting calculation for road.

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