ISO 9001-2015 Certified

(Design, Engineering and Consultancy Services for
EHV Substations, EBOP of Thermal Power Plants & Large Electrical Systems of Steel plants, Coal & Iron Handling Plants & Misc. Industries


Services Provided


Tender evaluations, recommendations to client and providing assistance to client for placement of orders.

Sourcing of equipment from reputed sources, issuing technical specifications, tender evaluation, recommendation report and suggestion for procurement of following equipment and systems :


1. High voltage switchyard equipment like CB, CT, CVT, PT, LA, Isolator, Insulators, ACSR/AAC/AAAC conductors, earth wires, clamps, connectors and hardwares.

2. Power transformer, Distribution transformer, Earthing transformers, Lighting transformers.

3. Indoor MV switchboards - 6.6/11/33kV and MV MCCs.

4. LV Switchgear, DBs, Lighting DBs, MCCs.

5. Control, metering & protection panels.

6. HV & LV power cables, control and signal cables.

7. Substation automation system.

8. HV & LV motors.

9. VVVF drives.

10. Earthing system.

11. Lightning protection system.

12. Outdoor and Indoor illumination system.

13. Cabling system including trays & racks. 

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