ISO 9001-2015 Certified

(Design, Engineering and Consultancy Services for
EHV Substations, EBOP of Thermal Power Plants & Large Electrical Systems of Steel plants, Coal & Iron Handling Plants & Misc. Industries


Services Provided


Civil, Structural and Architectural Engineering Services

a. Structural G.A drawings and design calculations of Steel tower, gantries, beams, equipment structures, cable trestles etc.

b. Civil construction (RCC) drawings and design calculations of foundations for gantry towers, equipment structures, control / DG / fire fighting pump house buildings, indoor substations, fire water reservoirs, transformer foundation, cable trenches, roads & drainage, switchyard fence & gate and cable trench.

Civil/structural design calculations are made using STAAD computer programs.

c. Architectural drawings of industrial buildings like control buildings, indoor substations, GIS substation buildings, store sheds, security room, Staff quarters, pump houses etc.

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