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Our Current Project within India


Preparation of BOQ and Component drawings for 132kV and 33kV Overhead Transmission Lines of PGCIL in Mizoram (On behalf of M/s Sterling & Wilsoon Ltd.)


1.0       Scope of Services

1.1           The scope of work shall include preparation of the following drawings and BOQ for 50km long 132kV and 5km long 33kV transmission lines in Mizoram for PGCIL SS 02 PACKAGE :

a.     Checking and necessary revisions of BOQ for electrical works of the 132kV and 33kV transmission lines.

b.     Preparation of typical arrangement drawings for :

i)       Clamps, connectors, tension and suspension insulator hardware string arrangements, Pole Top Bracket, V-Cross arm, Back Clamps for V-Cross arm , D P Channel, D P Channel clamp, Stay clamps angle, Stay clamps side, D P cross bracing & clamps, Guarding arm, hardware fittings for stay set, preformed insulator bindings, identification plates etc. for Phase conductor,

ii)     Tension, suspension, dead end tension, passing tension clamps, vibration damper, downlead clamp assembly, joint box for OPGW,

iii)    Earthing system (including design calculation).

iv) Review and approval of vendor drawings for clamps, connectors, insulator hardware strings, conductor, shield wire/OPGW, earthing materials.


Note : Photo is indicative. 

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