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Our Current Project within India


Consultancy service for Electrical system design of 132kV Switchyard at Hindustan Shipyard Ltd., Vizag (Job entrusted by M/s Power Tech Industrial Services, Vizag)

The scope of work shall include the following works :


1. Review of SLD and Layout drawings (prepared by M/s Power Tech) of the 132kV Switchyard.

2. Review and approval of vendor drawing of Power Transformer and Station Aux. Transformer. 

3. Review and approval of vendor drawing of 132kV Switchyard equipment, LV AC & DC system.

4. Review and approval of vendor drawing of 132kV Control & Relay panels, SCADA system.

5. Relay setting calculation and setting chart.

6. 132kV CT sizing calculation.

7. System fault level calculation by ETAP.

8. Earth mat conductor sizing calculation and optimization.

Above services will be provided for replacement of old substation equipment with new equipment at the existing 132/11kV Main Receiving Substation (MRSS) of Hindustan Shipyard Ltd. (HSL), Visakhapatnam.

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