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Our Current Project Outside India


Detail engineering for 132/33kV Motanga Substation of Bhutan Power Corporation Ltd. (BPCL), Bhutan (On behalf of Venus Controls & Switchgear Pvt. Ltd.)


Scope of Work 
Sl. No. Description
1 Civil drawing and design calculation for 15MVA Power Transformer
2 Civil drawings and design calculations for indoor and outdoor cable trenches,
  BOQ of cable tray, rack, supporting steel and accessories
3 Equipment and cable trench / tray layout of Control building showing arrangement and BOQ of supporting frame for mounting of panels in ground floor and first floor
4 LT Power and Control cable schedule for 132kV, 33kV and F.O system
5 BOQ of 33kV Cable termination and 33kV Cable schedule
6 Block diagram, Technical Spec and BOQ of Fiber optic communication system
7 Fire protection system – Review of vendor prepared documents
8 To review the Clamp & Connector vendor drawings and answer to queries raised by supplier. 
To prepare the BOQ of Clamps and connectors for Shield wire in Substation
9 Design calculation and drawing of Fire Water tank and capacity of the tank’
10 Capacity of and calculation of Fire pumps


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