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Our Completed Project within India


Detail engineering of Earthing and Lighting systems of 132kV Majerhat GIS substation of CESC (Photo is indicative)

  •      a) Lightning protection design.
  •      b) Lightning protection layout drawing, notes and details & detailed BOQ.
  • Scope of Work :
  • 1.0 Earthing system design and drawings :
  •      a) Earthing design calculation as per IEEE 80-2000 and IS 3043 (manual calculation by MS Excel),
  •      b) Earthing layout drawing showing earth mat and location of earth electrodes and earth conductors,
  •      c) BOQ and specification of earthing material,
  •      d) Typical notes and details showing earthing installation details.
  • 2.0 Lighting system design and drawings :
  •      a) Illumination design calculation.
  •      b) Lighting layout and conduit layout drawings.
  •      c) Complete SLD of LT AC and DC network of the station incorporating CESC inputs of upstream network and other feeder details.
  •      d) Detailed BOQ, notes and details and specification of lighting material and receptacles.
  • 3.0 Lightning protection system drawings and calculations :
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