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Our Completed Project within India


Detail Engineering services for 2 x 132kV Line bay extension at existing 132/33kV Sitamarhi Grid station of BSPTCL in Bihar (On behalf of ABN Tower & Transmission Co. Ltd., Kolkata)

  • The scope of work will include preparation of the following engineering drawings and design calculations for 2x132kV line bay extension at existing 132/33kV Sitamarhi Substation of BSPTCL, Bihar.
  • a.   Electrical layout plan and elevation of the proposed extension of 2x132kV line bays.
  • b.   Structural design calculations and GA drawings for 132kV double decker gantry tower and beam.
  • c.   Civil design calculation and RC details of the 132kV double decker gantry tower. 
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