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Our Current Project Outside India


Design, Engineering and Consultancy Services for 161/33kV Kingtom Substn., 33/11kV Wilberforce, Wellington & Ropoti Substations, Blackhall Road Substn. and 33kV Overhead line for Energy Access Project – Upgrade of Freetown Primary Distribution network, Sierra Leone (On behalf of BES, Europe, U.K)

  • The scope of work shall include the following design & engineering works for the Energy Access Project to Upgrade the Freetown Primary Distribution Network in Sierra Leone (IFB No: MOE/EAP/SLIDF/ICB/1/SSE//01/14):
  • a. Preparation of basic engineering drawings and calculations.
  • b. Bid evaluation, clarifications and recommendation reports for equipment/materials before procurement.
  • c. Review of vendor drawings and approval.
  • d. Detail engineering comprising of preparation of electrical, civil and structural and fire protection system drawings.
  • e. Preparation of Design calculations.
  • f. Preparation of Bill of materials.
  • g. Our services for inspection of FAT of equipment/material shall be provided as an optional item.
  • Above services will be provided for the following substations and OHL works :
  • 1. 161/33kV Kingtom Substation
  • 2. 33/11kV Wilberforce substation
  • 3. 33/11kV Wellington Substation
  • 4. 33/11kV Ropoti Substation
  • 5. AC/DC aux. system at Blackhall Road Substation
  • 6. 33kV Overhead line 7.6km (using slim lattice towers) from Blackhall Substation to Wellington substation
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