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Our Completed Project Outside India


Consultancy services for preparation of Tender specification and drawings for 33/11kV GIS substation at Rusayl-09 of MEDC, Oman (On behalf of Atlas International Engineering Co,, Muscat)

A Electrical drawings :
1 Rusyel Grid station :
1.1 Key single line diagram of 33kV switchgear showing proposed outgoing feeders 
1.2 Layout - plan & elevation of proposed modifications required for routing and termination of 3x33kV cables at the existing 33kV switchgear  
1.3 Communication system block diagram showing proposed modifications for termination of 3 x FOC cables
1.4 SCADA system block diagram showing proposed modifications
2 Rusyel 33/11kV, 3x20MVA Primary Substation :
2.1 33/11kV Key single line diagram
2.2 33/11kV Protection and metering single line diagram
2.3 SLD of 415V LV AC switchboard 
2.4 SLD of 110V DC system
2.5 Site layout plan
2.6 Equipment and building layout plan & sectional elevations
2.7 Cable route layout and tray details in cable spreader room
2.8 Cable route layout and duct bank details in outdoor area
2.9 SCADA system block diagram
2.10 Communication system block diagram
2.11 SCADA I/O list
B Detailed building design :
1 Architectural layout plan, elevations and details
2 GA of Foundation, Column, Trenches & RC Details
3 GA of Plinth Beam Layout and RC Details
4 First floor Beam layout and RC Details
5 Roof Beam layout and RC Details
6 RC Details of floor Slab at first floor
7 RC Details of Roof Slab at second floor
8 Layout and RC Details of Lintel Beams, stair case & Miscellaneous Details
9 Constructional details of septic tank and soak pit
10 Sanitary and plumbing details
11 Water supply and distribution schematic
12 RCC Design calculations for substation building
13 Design calculation for septic tank and soak pit
14 Air conditioning system layout and details
15 Design calculation for Air conditioning system
16 Design calculation for indoor lighting system
17 Indoor lighting and small power layout and SLD of substation building 
18 Fire alarm and detection system layout
C Preparation of Tender Specification for Installation of 33/11kV GIS substation of EPIC basis
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