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Our Completed Project within India


Detail engineering (electrical & structural) for 132/33kV new substation at Ujanu and 1x132kV Line bay extension at 8 nos. substations of WBSETCL (On behalf of Mcnally Bharat Engineering Co. Ltd.)

The project includes preparation of following drawings and design calculations :

1. Protection and metering SLDs of 132/33kV switchyard, 415V LV Switchgear, ACDB, MLDB, ELDB, 220V DCDB, 48V DCDB and Lighting DBs.

2. Switchyard electrical layout, EKD, cable trench layout, DSLP layout, Earthing layout, Lighting layout drawings.

3. Control schematics, interlocking diagrams, terminal plans of BMK, CT & PT JBs.

4. Power and control cable schedule and interconnection diagrams.

5. Steel structural drawings for towers, beams and equipment support structures.

6. All electrical and structural design calculations.

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